Travel day… done! Onto day two

After waking up from a nice 8 hours of sleep I finally feel human again. The city is amazing, but yesterday it was hard to appreciate it when you haven’t slept and it is 103 degrees. After some craziness in the airport yesterday with some almost missing luggage and metro ticket confusion, we arrived at the beautiful city and our beautiful new home for one month, the CitĂ© Universitaire AndrĂ© Honnorat. It’s like living in a castle! While originally believing we could check in immediately, we had to wait 5 hours… So we got to go downtown and go shopping which was great, because all I wanted to do was explore and see the city at that point. By the time I got to my room, I was so tired. It was so hard to stay awake, but I did! Me and the group of girls I came with went out to eat. Even though I unfortunately got locked out of my room for an hour after meeting my new roommate, I finally got the beauty rest I so desperately needed. Onto day two now! I couldn’t be more excited!! We are going to be taking a boat tour of the Seine, visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, and then having a Crepe dinner with MICEFA. Paris Cathedral is the #1 monument I wanted to visit. Having written my term paper on it and studying gothic architecture, I couldn’t be more happy that this is our first excursion. Until tomorrow! Au revoir!

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